International Conference

Dates | May 2019
Location | Moderna galerija / Museum of Modern Art
4th Nonn - Aligned Movement Summit, 1973, Algeria
The map published in the book: Ranko Petković, Teorijski pojmovi nesvrstanosti, Rad, Belgrade, 1974.

In May 2019 a two-day international conference will be organized in Ljubljana. Besides the invited speakers, all members of the project team will also participate at the conference and present the final results and outcomes of the whole project. This will also be the closing event of the project. 

The three themes of the conference will be: 

1) Non-aligned contemporaneity: This will lead off from the question of how to create a different cultural landscape, taking as a starting point various cases from the Non-Aligned Movement’s (NAM) history. 

2) New mappings of Europe: Working with the invited political philosophers, activists, artists, and migrants we will discuss the current situation in the EU and beyond with regard to migrations as well as the NAM, and its possible emancipatory potentials for today. The question of how to constitute a space of expressive “citizenship” rather than a representative one will be foregrounded here. 

3) Changing art and cultural institutions: Here we will look at the impact of the recent situation in terms of migration on museums and cultural institutions, what kind of new heritage and cultural commons are being created.