Phraseology and the Migrating Museum

Phraseology and the Migrating Museum

October 2018, Phraseology from The Migrating Museum PROJECT, The Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna. A workshop by Irene Lucas, in collaboration with Ruby Sircar.

Irene Lucas, in collaboration with Ruby Sircar, 2010 to 2019

Presented at the "Translocal Archives" exhibition, 29 June 2019– 14 July 2019


Mythemes Manual

Unfold and participate!

The Mythemes publication is to be used as a base for enhanced performative reading. It may be used as a thought parting – various leporellos unleashed into a spatial sculpture; or as a plug-in system where the reader may use the various pocket spaces to introduce his/her own notes, thoughts, advancements and enlargements; or it may be further cut into pieces – adjusted to one’s reading and working requirements; or it could be used as a guard book for following up FO/GO Lab activities; or? There are many more options, and this is a mere invitation.

Mythemes is a collection of various material collected and produced during performances, lectures and spatial exhibition projects by the Viennese collective FO/GO Lab. It is also a tool, not only for a reader, but for the collective as well, to be used to gain and collect more knowledge and material which may be circulated, communicated and can act as research developing agent.

Women! Culture!

Irene Lucas is a visual artist living and working in Vienna since 1997. She has been working mostly in art collective building-up settings as spatial interventions for situations of communicative interaction (conferences like The Migrating Museum with FOGOLab at the Jan Van Eyck Academy, Maastricht 2007 or exhibition projects like Corridor Breaks with Christoph Euler at the Manifesta8, Murcia 2010) or workshops (like in the frame of the European project DANUrB Urban Brand with a series of interventions in public schools and local sites in collaboration with local initiatives The expanded garden).