New oral history archive for the Tees Valley

July to November 2018, Middlesbrough Institute of Modern Art (mima). We create a new oral history archive for the Tees Valley in collaboration with residents, researchers, and activists. This draws together the experiences of migrants from the widest spectrum of backgrounds. This activity maps alternative routes of migration, labour, relationships and affects through personal narratives in the largely unheard, often undocumented, voices of local people.

Through a series of in-depth interviews with a range of people with different backgrounds and ages, we have expanded on the work started via the Mapping Sessions. We have recorded individual experiences, emotions and histories through sensitive and thoughtful enquiries that sought to uncover some of the experiences of people of colour and those who have migrated to the area, or whose families did before them. This makes an important document of some over the undocumented voices of the area.


This work has undertaken by a student of history and supported by an academic at Teesside University. This work has approval from the council of ethics. We hope to find a home for the oral histories within the area from which they can be accessed by the public. We will create a selection of audio highlights to represent the project online.