New Mappings of Europe

International Migrants' Day: We Are All Migrants

The partners of New Mappings of Europe project have initiated concurrent events for the International Migrants' Day from 15 to 19 December 2018 to celebrate, accept and make visible our rich histories of migrations. In recent years, discussions about migrations have been marked by the so-called refugee crisis as the media have dubbed the more numerous than usual border crossings. The word migration thus conjures up images of endless caravans of people from the Middle East, the militarised responses of the EU states, social polarisation and the rise of hate groups. The point of view that presents the mass migrations as an extraordinary natural disaster that states must control deflects from a true understanding of this multilayered process. Mass migrations of people from one region to another have a complex history and are inextricably entwined with global economic processes that equally affect the local populations and the migrants.