New Mappings of Europe

The Nineties: A Glossary of Migrations

5 December 2019, The Museum of Yugoslavia, Belgrade. The catalogue was published to accompany The Nineties: A Glossary of Migrations exhibition that deals with the mass migrations of the population to and from Serbia over the course of the 1990s. The primary concern of the exhibition is to map the different forms of engagement, from the 1990s to the present, which have, in the field of art, activism and civil society, addressed social, cultural, political and legal issues created in these extremely complex and traumatic migration processes.

New Mappings of Europe

Ulufer Çelik & Alaa Abu Asad: I love it when translation can be found to agree with our weird desires

1 July 2019, The Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna. Do you know what does şemsiye mean? Do you use the word kırbaç for a whip? For around two years, we have been collecting identical words used in both of our languages of Turkish and (vernacular) Palestinian Arabic. A process that can last for good – as long as our friendship lives. We spend time together uttering words that are in common and draw them, whether they carry the same meaning, were slightly different, or were false friends.